Whether you feel like a pro behind the skillet or you’re seeking some tips to spice up your culinary prowess, the Savory Spice Shop located off South Boulevard in South End is the place to go for serious inspiration. It’s no coincidence that in every family there is a master chef. A great grandmother with that impeccable recipe for snicker doodles, an uncle who’s known far and wide for his smoked wings, or an older brother who used to wake you up at midnight to try his microwaved nachos. Food is an integral part of life, and it seems that some are born with a knack for it that simply can’t be taught. Here lies the beautiful, tangy, smoky sweet rub: in Savory Spice Shop, everyone is a chef.

Any time you need a gift or some seasonal inspiration, this delightfully organized and incredibly customer-friendly shop has you more than covered. All throughout the store, you’ll see neatly boxed packages of spices that carry a certain theme. The Brew Meister box features grains of paradise, makrut lime powder and coriander, and is perfect for gifting to your brew-happy boyfriend this upcoming Valentine’s Day. In the classic Cup A Joe collection, you’ll come across such intriguing, global flavors as Saigon cassia cinnamon and Dutch cocoa powder, ideal for your Mother-In-Law or for selfishly stacking in your spice rack to use on particularly drab mornings. They even have collections for spicing up popcorn, BBQ, dips for chips and seafood, so no matter what’s on the menu for the evening, your Chef-like standards will be set to “perfection”.

For those who need a nudge in the right direction, near the front of the store you’ll see listings for the Top Five sellers in the categories of chicken, seafood, steak and pork. A tantalizing display of seasonings, rubs, marinades and blends will have you begging your loved one if you can buy just one more (we recommend you go it alone for your first trip if you think you may have this problem). Along the walls, you’ll notice a mapped out section of spices from around the world, spanning Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Caribbean, so you can experience the culinary flavors of other cultures as well. And if you’re thinking about making something sweetly unique and home made for Valentine’s Day, the baking section will be your best friend! It features ouof- this-world options that include lavender vanilla bean sugar, bourbon barrel smoked sugar, all-natural sweeteners, sumptuous extracts and even lavish essential oils. Any way you look at it, Savory Spice Shop is a place that has something for everyone, and will make you feel right at home.


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