Kraft Provisions is a new business that has started with a clean slate in North Charlotte, having only been active for four months, and first launching their products online in October of 2016. They have succeeded in making original, well-made products with a unique story behind each one. All of Kraft Provisions’ products are curated out of Charlotte and fully believing in the integrity of a well-made product, they sell small runs of original t-shirts, leather goods, and accessories, with much more to come in 2017. Currently, Kraft Provisions consists of 2 people, running a small workshop and running the business from the ground up, including all facets of designing, printing, and distribution of their products. Currently all goods are online only, even though they are hoping that with a fresh year comes the expansion to a small brick and mortar shop where we will house their brand and also serve local coffee and beer. Despite their ambitions to grow and expand their business, they aim to always try and maintain the feel of a small intimate brand. With a fresh start, I was able to speak to the owner of this local brand, Coby Kraft, and ask him about his ambitions and inspirations for the brand. When asking about his inspirations, Coby described his inspiration as having “always been drawn to creators, designers, artists, originals – people who breathe with a soul, a vision, and a voice. ” Coby heavily emphasized the importance of speaking and interacting with interesting and unique individuals who made making really beautiful things with an unparalleled sense of integrity for not only the final product, but also the process by which it is made. Coby described his desire to start a business and sell his handmade products as “wanting you [the customer] to own pieces that fire up your soul; pieces that reconnect you with your personal power, strength, and integrity.”

His business was a way for him to start new branding and reputations for his family name. Feeling as if the family name had developed a negative meaning due to decisions and paths of others, Kraft Provisions was created based from a want to start something new with the Kraft family name. Based from a want to create something that the family name could stand on and represent Coby’s core values. Kraft Provisions represents a belief that life’s value is not solely about success or money, but that it’s about putting it all out there, going for the gold, and creating for themselves a meaning for life. When asking Coby how he felt about how his business fit into the culture of Charlotte, he described it as the following: “When I think about Charlotte, I think about young professionals, opportunity, innovation & community. I moved here 9 years ago with the intention of only staying for 1 year, but I fell in love with this city. Kraft Provisions was born in Charlotte, and we are excited to continue growing our roots here.” As I learned and talked about Kraft Provisions, I quickly came under the impression that it was more than just a business. Fear, or the resistance of its influence, seemed to a significant factor in Kraft Provisions creation. So often we let the fear of failing stop us from doing things, but when we “jump the tracks” and go for it, we access the fullest expression of our life. Kraft Provisions for Coby Kraft was his way of jumping the tracks and starting a new meaning for his name. Coby’s final comment on starting new was “The great thing about starting new is you have the choice to do it whenever you want. You can choose to have a new perspective to start a new business, a new relationship, to do whatever you want. “ Kraft Provisions Co. All goods are curated and sourced out of Charlotte, NC. Currently online only at


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