The Carolina Renaissance

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, the Renaissance has made its way to the Queen City and is taking over twenty-five acres of land! Travel back in time to long, long ago as you are encapsulated in the sounds of clashing armor and thundering hooves.

Every swivel of the head at the Carolina Renaissance Festival and Artisan Marketplace reveals a new and enchanting act. Over one-hundred vendors line the wooded lanes to sell magnificent, hand-made crafts and mouth-watering recipes inspired by the Middle Ages. Music and comedy shows can be heard from all angles as they roar from the twelve different event stages.

Over five-hundred costumed characters scatter the grounds with their tricks and amusements, and each antic undoubtedly causes an eruption of laughter and awe-stricken sighs. Between side shows, hop on the World’s Largest Rocking Horse, visit the petting farm, or throw a tomato at a peasant. The possibilities of pleasure are quite literally endless.

Seriously, where else can you witness falconry, a sport that was derived from the returning Crusaders in the mid-800s? Four times daily, the amazing birds take flight as you marvel at their beauty while learning all about the sport and art form. Back to the clashing armor and thundering hooves, it’s important to mention that you can witness jousting knights on horseback three times a day as well.

Every Saturday and Sunday from September 30th to November 19th, the Carolina Renaissance will be in full swing and the fun will never cease. Clothe yourself in your finest Renaissance-era trappings, hop on your time machine, and get ready to party like it’s the year 1452.


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