Battle of King’s Mountain

On October 7th, 1780, 1,800 back-country “Overmountain Men” defeated 1,000 Tories (British Loyalists) at the Battle of King’s Mountain, marking a pivotal point in the American Revolution.

The American troops arrived at the foot of King’s Mountain during the early afternoon. Colonels Campbell, Sevier, Shelby, and Cleveland launched a four-pronged attack on both sides of the mountain and immediately caught the Tories and their Major, Ferguson, off guard.

Ferguson sounded sharp shrieks from his whistle to direct and gather his troops as the thunder of the battle raged on. However, the piercing sound soon silenced as Ferguson was killed. Immediately after his death, a white flag of surrender flew into the air.

When the Battle of King’s Mountain ceased, Major Ferguson and 119 Tory troops had been killed, 123 wounded, and 644 captured. Only 28 American troops had been killed, and a mere 62 wounded. This American victory shifted the path of the Revolution and led to the steady decline of the British military strategy.


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